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Main Street Candlery is a division of the Berkshire Product Group. Through our distributor network we provide high quality candles to retailers throughout the United States.  Thanks for visiting our website. Please take a moment to sign up for email updates.
Main street candles are known for fragrances that last longer, candles that burn cleaner and are manufactured right here in the USA.  Main street candlery strives to produce products that will stand the test of time as being the superior product in its class as well as the best value out there. This idea of a superior product offered at a more affordable price will help to promote a lifelong value added relationship between your customer and you. This value along with a product made using the highest quality wax blends and fragrance oils are what sets us apart from the others. 

Why do we feel confident in saying that there are the best quality candles on the market today?

By combining natural fragrance extracts, essential oils and the purest form of soy and paraffin waxes, we continue to produce candles of the highest quality with a strong and natural fragrance. There has been a huge explosion in the popularity of scented candles. Candles have been introduced in every shape color size and price point. Quality and ingredients are what sets them apart. We believe in having every Main Street Candlery product be the very best quality it can be. That means every wick will always be centered, every color will always be vibrant, every fragrance will always be heavily scented from the first flame to the last light. This is the foundation of uncompromising quality and value is what we believe sets us apart and will continue to keep us successful.


Main Street Candlery Decorator Jars come in two sizes: medium round jar and the large round jar. Our decorator jar candles are hand poured soy wax with lead-free wicks. Our decorator jar candles are made from ecologically aware soy based components. Soy candles are made with components that are renewable, eco-friendly and sustainable.


Main street candlery scented votives are a pleasant accent to any room. Handcrafted and heavily scented. Our votives burn for approximately 15–20 hours each. The come packaged 18 per display box.  Our votive display boxes provide you with seven different box designs to enhance your retail display. Each display box features hand drawn artwork with one of seven fragrance categories to guide the customer.


Firelights are a simple, safe way to light a fire. Whether you are lighting the fireplace, campfire, woodstove or barbeque grill, firelights will get you going. Firelight firestarters are specifically designed to burn with a strong flame which will quickly ignite wood or charcoal without the use of kindling, newspapers or lighter fluid. The Firelight firestarters are designed to ignite the logs or charcoal and will then consume itself, leaving no wax residue behind. 

FRAGRANCES - Decorator Jar Candles & Main Street Candlery Votives