Celebrating Man's Best Friend

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Celebrating Man’s Best Friend

Canine Candle Company is a premium line of heavily fragranced candle that celebrate man's best friend. Canine Candle uses only the highest resolution photography exemplifying many of the top registered breeds of dogs mixed with some of the lesser known more boutique breeds. Canine Candles are sure to delight all dog lovers. Also, using soy based wax, cotton wicks, US made silica glass jars we hope to ensure that these candles pose no environmental threat to your home or loved ones. But, please keep in mind that a happy, wagging tail could pose a hazard to a lit candle and jar. All we ask is that you use good common sense and keep the jar away from pets and children.

Canine Candle Company fragrances are available as 24 oz. Jar Candles.

Current Breeds we have created fragrances for: